Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing (SSP) is an exciting new field spanning computer science, social science and behavioral psychology using deep models trained on massive amounts of multimodal data to make sense of our nonverbal communication patterns:

  • Text-based exchange data is processed in conjunction with textual paralanguage (pragmatic analysis)
  • Dedicated context engine collects & processes publicly available exo-interaction data
  • Innovative Textless NLP architecture utilized to decipher vocalic social cues in raw audio (prosodic elements).
  • Multimodal fusion of multiple nonverbal channels (coming soon)

Carbon Logic ™

An innovative method of analyzing interaction data to uncover the underlying hierarchical structures in small-groups:

  • In-group social hierarchy analysis based on group members interaction data with exo-group individuals
  • Realtime analysis and projection of cross-group communication decisions for increased collaboration or for conflict resolution
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