Pragmatics: The final frontier


What if you could understand the underlying attitudes and predispositions of your prospects based on the most subtle of nuances in their behavior or communication?

What if you had the ability to address your prospects’ most critical concerns before they arise / explicitly communicated?

Discretely used by many of the world’s top dealmakers, SCIP provides instant access to a new, devastatingly powerful winning-edge.

  • Designed to Detect & Analyze Subtext and Covert Social Signals
  • Real-Time Insights to Help Push Any Deal/Agenda Forward
  • Transformer-Network Based Architecture
  • Zoom, Webex, GSuite and SalesForce Integrations

The Technology


Innovative Deep Learning Based Social Signal Processing Technology to Fuel the Business World of Tomorrow

  • Pragmatic Analysis Capabilities
  • Social-Strata Analysis
  • Social Signal Processing
  • S.O.T.A Transformer Network & CNN Architectures.

Our models are heavily trained to make sense of highly nuanced, contextual real world interactions between buyers and sellers, negotiation sessions and more.

API & Integrations
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