Empowering Dealmakers with a Different Kind of Sales AI.

Trained on billions of data points, Substrata’s socially-aware AI understands the intricate social dance between sellers and prospects, helping you navigate the complex landscape of office politics, hierarchies, attitudes, perceptions, biases, and emotions.

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Sell Smarter with Substrata

Substrata deciphers subtle signals in seller-buyer interactions, unveiling crucial insights. Forge genuine connections, spark curiosity, navigate egos, and create a sense of urgency.

Access your prospects’ emotions, attitudes, sentiments, and perceptions to gain a clear understanding of their perspectives.

Sell Smarter with Substrata

Analyze Your Communication Patterns to Win More Deals

Understand pragmatic sentiment, co-assessments of competence, authority, and perceived value. Identify overlooked patterns that can make or break deals. Identify areas for improvement, fine-tune your approach and increase your win rate.

Analyze Your Communication Patterns to Win More Deals

A Generation Beyond Conversation Intelligence

Substrata detects subtle social signals to uncover true intentions, sentiments, biases, and the prospect’s genuine level of interest. It goes beyond explicit communication, delving into the realm of hidden intentions conveyed through nonverbal behavior, actions, and timing.

A GPS for Elite Dealmakers

In sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Simulate your next move to see whether you convey the right signals to push the deal forward. Reiterate until you get it right.

Power Dynamics Revealed

Know where you stand. Understand the power balance between you and your prospect at any given point. Convey the right level of competence and authority to push any
deal forward.

Real-Time Course Correction

In high-ticket B2B deals, even minor errors can have significant financial consequences. Evaluate the effects of your approach to ensure it advances the deal.

Communication Wizard

Fine-tune your communication to gradually move the deal forward to a closed-won status. Substrata’s Communication Wizard will do the heavy lifting for you.

Pragmatic Analysis Engine API

Integrate Substrata’s Patented Pragmatic Intelligence Engine to Your Own Platform via API

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