Innovative Social Signal Processing Technology to Fuel the Business World of Tomorrow

Pragmatics: The final frontier

Introducing SubStrata’s Devastatingly Innovative Pragmatic Intelligence Engine for Email & Text (PIE)

  • Analyzes Highly Nuanced Social Signals
  • Provides useful insights on covert predispositions and attitudes
  • Proprietary Deep NLP Technology

Social-Strata Analysis

An Innovative and Highly Accurate Method of Assessing and Representing Subjectively Perceived Social Strata Structures, as They Form, During New Social Encounters

  • Innovative Methodology of Assessing and Validating Perceived Social Status Hierarchy between Participants
  • AI Powered Social Enablement Suggestions to help Dealmakers “Level the field”

Non-Verbal Social Signal Analysis

This Proprietary Technology Analyzes Deeply Embedded (Covert) Social Signals in Non-Verbal Communication

  • Deep Transformer Network Based Architecture
  • Multimodal Fusion Capabilities
  • Realtime & Aftermath
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