Meet Your New Email Communication Genius for B2B Sales


Trained on millions of data points, Q “reads between the lines” to figure out where your prospect stands and guides you through the best next actions to take to increase your chances of winning the deal.

  • The Selling Zone: helps dealmakers push deals toward “closed-won” by reflecting how their prospects perceive them at any given moment in time.
  • Relative Competence: unveil the implicit power dynamics between you and your prospect at any given point. Exude the right level of authority and competence to remove your prospect’s mental obstacles and push the deal forward. 
  • The Simulator: every little mistake can cost a fortune in high-ticket sales. Simulate your next move to see whether you convey the right signals to push the deal forward. Reiterate until you get it right.
  • The Performance Q: helps you understand your existing communication patterns and how to adjust them for better results.
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