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Substrata uses deep learning models to analyze language and behavioral patterns, unraveling the 'social dance' between buyers and sellers. It helps you navigate the jungle of attitudes, emotions, perceptions, office politics, and power dynamics, enabling you to close deals faster than you ever thought possible.

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Trained on billions of data points, Substrata’s socially-aware AI understands the intricate social dance between sellers and prospects, helping you navigate the complex landscape of office politics, hierarchies, attitudes, perceptions, biases, and emotions.

Sell faster and smarter with AI-Powered Real-Time Intelligence

Uncover key insights in deal-related communication by deciphering highly nuanced behavioral cues.

Substrata helps you connect in a cool, impressive, and authentic way, trigger curiosity and interest, navigate egos and power struggles, and promote the perception of genuine scarcity and urgency – all at exactly the right level and at the right time

A Generation Beyond Conversation Intelligence

Substrata detects subtle social signals to uncover true intentions, sentiments, biases, and the prospect’s genuine level of interest. It goes beyond explicit communication, delving into the realm of hidden intentions conveyed through nonverbal behavior, actions, and timing.

An Elite Dealmaker's GPS

In complex deals, even the smallest mistakes can be costly. Simulate your next move to ensure you’re conveying the right signals to move the deal forward.

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Control Frame & Narrative

Know exactly where you stand. Understand the power dynamics between you and your prospect at any given moment. Convey the appropriate level of competence and authority to drive any deal forward.

Real-Time Course Correction

Uncover how prospects perceive you at every stage of the deal cycle. Gain valuable insights into their unique evaluations of your competence, authority, and domain expertise, then tailor your approach for maximum impact.

Win More Deals, at a Faster Pace

Fine-tune your communication to gradually move the deal forward to a closed-won status. Substrata’s Communication Wizard will do the heavy lifting for you

Pragmatic Analysis Engine API

Enjoy Substrata’s Patented Pragmatic Intelligence Engine via API

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Hierarchies. Interpersonal Dynamics. Nonverbal Cues. Introducing Substrata's Adaptive AI Driven Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing (SSP) is an exciting new field spanning computer science, social science and behavioral psychology using deep models trained on massive amounts of multimodal data to make sense of our nonverbal communication patterns:

  • Text-based exchange data is processed in conjunction with textual paralanguage (pragmatic analysis).
  • Dedicated context engine collects & processes publicly available exo-interaction data.
  • Innovative Textless NLP architecture utilized to decipher vocalic social cues in raw audio (prosodic elements).
  • Multimodal fusion of multiple nonverbal channels (coming soon).

Carbon Logic

An innovative method of analyzing interaction data to uncover the underlying hierarchical structure in small-groups (in-group, cross-group).