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Substrata helps you understand and improve your own communication patterns.

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Take Your Soft Skills to the Next Level

Uncover your personal communication style, tendencies, weaknesses, and strengths.

Identify opportunities for improvement and soft skill enhancement. Become an exceptional dealmaker in just a matter of weeks

The New and Nuanced You

Trained on billions of data points, Substrata’s socially-aware AI understands the intricate social dance between sellers and prospects, helping you navigate the complex landscape of office politics, hierarchies, attitudes, perceptions, biases, and emotions.

Real-Time Course Correction

In Sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Test the impact of your draft to see if you’re pushing the deal forward or making costly mistakes.

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Next Move Wizard

Fine-tune your message and bring your conversation into the Authority Zone. It’s as easy as defining the scenario. The Message Wizard does the heavy lifting.

Pragmatic Intelligence Engine API

Enjoy Substrata’s Patent-Pending Pragmatic Intelligence Engine through our API.

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