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Fine-tune your communication and bring your conversation into the Selling Zone. The Next Move Wizard does the heavy lifting.

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Connect. Influence. Win.

Substrata utilizes large-scale training datasets of tens of millions of data points to provide insights into real-world sales conversations.

With Substrata, you can gain access to your prospects’ attitudes, sentiments, and perceptions to better understand how you are perceived and make informed decisions that drive sales success.

Connect. Influence. Win.

Sell faster and smarter with AI-Powered Real-Time Intelligence

Understand pragmatic sentiment, co-assessments of competence, authority, and perceived value. Identify overlooked patterns that can make or break deals.

By analyzing your performance in detail, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement and understand what’s working well, so you can fine-tune your approach and increase your win rate.

Sell faster and smarter with AI-Powered Real-Time Intelligence

A Generation Beyond Conversation Intelligence

Substrata detects subtle social signals to infer true meaning, intentions, sentiments, and how receptive or indifferent a prospect truly is—going beyond the surface-level interpretation of the words being used.

A GPS for Elite Dealmakers

In sales, minor missteps can have major financial consequences. Use simulation to assess if your next action sends the correct signals to advance the deal. Refine and repeat until it’s perfected.

Crush your sales quota with Substrata

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Power Dynamics Revealed

Know where you stand. Understand the power balance between you and your prospect at any given point. Convey the right level of competence and authority to push any
deal forward.

Real-Time Course Correction

In Sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Test the impact of your possible next move to see if you’re driving the deal forward or making costly mistakes.

Pragmatic Analysis API

Enjoy Substrata’s Patented Pragmatic Intelligence Engine, available via API.

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Hierarchies. Interpersonal Dynamics. Nonverbal Cues. Introducing Substrata's Adaptive AI Driven Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing Technology

Social Signal Processing (SSP) is an exciting new field spanning computer science, social science and behavioral psychology using deep models trained on massive amounts of multimodal data to make sense of our nonverbal communication patterns:

  • Text-based exchange data is processed in conjunction with textual paralanguage (pragmatic analysis).
  • Dedicated context engine collects & processes publicly available exo-interaction data.
  • Innovative Textless NLP architecture utilized to decipher vocalic social cues in raw audio (prosodic elements).
  • Multimodal fusion of multiple nonverbal channels (coming soon).

Carbon Logic

An innovative method of analyzing interaction data to uncover the underlying hierarchical structure in small-groups (in-group, cross-group).