Social Signal Processing API

Substrata’s unique API opens up the power of behavioral intelligence AI to all 3rd party systems. Power up your own application with instant, cutting-edge pragmatic analysis capabilities.

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Sell Faster with Substrata Q

Substrata Q utilizes large-scale training datasets of tens of millions of data points to provide insights into real-world sales conversations.

With Q, you can gain access to your prospects’ attitudes, sentiments, and perceptions to better understand how you are perceived and make informed decisions that drive sales success.

Analyze Your Sales Communication Patterns to Win More Deals

Understand pragmatic sentiment, co-assessments of competence, authority, and perceived value. Identify overlooked patterns that can make or break deals. By analyzing your performance, you’ll be able to identify critical areas for improvement, fine-tune your approach and dramatically increase your win rate.

A Generation Beyond Standard Conversation Intelligence

Substrata Q detects subtle social signals to infer true meaning, intentions, sentiments and how hot/cold a prospect really is–beyond the face-value of the words being used.

A GPS for Elite Dealmakers

In sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Simulate your next move to see whether you convey the right signals to push the deal forward. Reiterate until you get it right.

Crush your sales quota with Substrata Q

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Power Dynamics Revealed

Know where you stand. Understand the power balance between you and your prospect at any given point. Convey the right level of competence and authority to push any
deal forward.

Message Wizard

Fine-tune your message and bring your conversation into the Authority Zone. It’s as easy as defining the scenario. The Message Wizard does the heavy lifting.

Real-Time Course Correction

In Sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Test the impact of your draft to see if you’re pushing the deal forward or making costly mistakes. Reiterate until you get it right.