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*Based on the analysis of 2.7M+ sales emails

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Gain the upper hand in power dynamics 

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An absolute must-have
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Oren Klaff – Director at Intersection Capital,
Author of Pitch Anything



Improve your win-rate in real-time with Email Behavioral Intelligence


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The simulator function is a killer feature imo, both for outreach and for followups. It helps my team avoid very costly mistakes like sounding too eager / needy / pushy / pleasing / aggressive, etc. We made it an integral part of our new AE training process too

– Max Steinberg, B2B Growth Hacker & Co-Founder of Stealth Mode Startup

Substrata Q turns the tables
in your favor

  • You worry when you don't get a response
  • You sound cheesy or too salesy
  • You appear too eager or needy
  • Your email is too long/short
  • You respond too quickly
  • You're too aggressive or pushy
  • You're too accommodating & pleasing
  • You're talking about pricing too early/late


  • Test your outgoing emails before making a blunder
  • Reveal optimal email length & tone in real-time
  • Pick up on subtle ready/not ready to buy cues
  • Maintain the upper hand in negotiations
  • Recognize the power dynamics at play
  • Send your email at the right time
  • Introduce pricing info at the right time
  • Continually sharpen your soft selling skills


See if you’re on course to closing and what needs to be done in order to get back on track.

Stay in the Selling Zone

Simulate before sending

Test the impact of your draft email to see if you're pushing the deal forward or making costly mistakes. Reiterate until you get it right.

Get next move guidance

Let the AI tell you what is statistically your next best move based on millions of success scenarios analyzed.

Real-time course correction to increase your win rate

Powered by deep learning AI, Substrata Q applies behavioral psychology, linguistics analysis and social signal processing to optimize your every move

Discover the power dynamics
sales patterns you need to refine

Identify and tweak personal tendencies and team patterns that are hurting your bottom line.

Adjust your selling style

Understand your communication patterns and how to adjust them for better results.

Maintain the upper hand

Get better at keeping the upper hand, as Q tells you when you've lost it.

Enhance your sales skills

Track your performance and refine your skills over time by doing more of what's leading to wins.

Dramatically increase your odds of closingGive your sales skills an upgrade

generation beyond standard conversation intelligence

Q is awesome because it looks beyond the obvious communication (overt / explicit language) to identify buying cues in real time and help give a salesperson a clear path to closing a deal. I love Q for email and I look forward to start using it for my conference calls as well.

– Oren Klaff, NY Times Bestselling Author of Pitch Anything & Director at Intersection Capital

Finally a fresh perspective in the old and beat-up world of B2B sales... Almost all sales tools today work around the problem not on it [and] they don't help you sell in realtime. Q helps you in realtime and my team and I use it every day.

Liron Kaplan
Growth Consultant & B2B Sales Training Professional, Founder of Bseller

While all these tech tools [e.g. Gong, Chorus, Allego, Rehearsal, SecondNature] can lead to incremental improvement, their usefulness is limited... Substrata aims at solving a far more important problem. The hidden dynamics that govern success and failure. I see Substrata as a truly revolutionary tool. Substrata arms sellers, dealmakers and business leaders with insights that will allow them to find a clear path to sales success.

Gerhard Gschwandtner
CEO of SellingPower Magazine & Sales 3.0 Conference

I tried well over ~35 different salestech solutions and platforms. Today I’m using Salesforce CRM + Zoominfo + Q for email intelligence. I gain quite a lot of confidence knowing that I can simulate my responses before shooting them over to the other side. I find the selling zone very helpful as well, I’ve never seen such a concept before and I think it shows how deeply and intimately the team at substrata think about their users - myself included.

David Dovman
CEO of Addsource

Other Conversation Intelligence Tools Are Limited to:

Substrata Q Adds Social Signal Processing to Provide Behavioral Intelligence Capabilities:

  • Words
  • Syntax
  • Some semantics (context)
  • Words
  • Syntax
  • Full semantics (context)
  • Social signal processing:

You may have heard of first generation sales AI tools like Gong, Chorus, Crystal, SecondNature and Yesware. While these have their merits, they are limited to simply analyzing the visible, written words (syntax and semantics).

Substrata Q employs a second generation AI engine that looks at how things are said. It detects subtle social signals (nonverbal cues and pragmatics) to infer true meaning, intentions, sentiments and how hot/cold a prospect really is–beyond the words they are using.


Your one-on-one demo covers


30-minute screenshare:

Win rate gains you & your team can expect

Real-time optimizations to an email thread

Live demo of Simulator to test a msg before sending

How Q works to "read between the lines"

Give yourself an edge

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  • Sarcasm & tone
  • Power dynamics
  • Relative social status
  • Email length
  • Email reply delay
  • Email send/open frequency
  • Use of punctuation & capitalization
  • Use of emojis & slang
  • And more proprietary social signals

I love this tool so much. It is incredible for outreach and for getting important prospects to pay attention. I see it as an integral part of any sales stack and obviously a great tool for harvesting commission revenue.

Tikva Yossef
Commercial Account Executive at Datadog

The tool is unlike anything I’ve used before and it really comes in handy when I’m unsure of how my messages will be perceived by my prospects… the upper-hand classification feature is pretty incredible. Also, using the selling-zone feature is super convenient and helps me get a good sense of where the deal stands and what to do next.

Ori Carmely
Head of Growth at Datanyze, Founder of Wingman

I see myself as a person who understands nuances and subtleties naturally. The main problem arises when I'm stressed out due to a new encounter with a "VIP" of sorts, and if I'm on the selling end of the deal - that kind of stress can be paralyzing. Ironically this is precisely where I need to perform at my highest levels... I think Q is transformative in this area; it's like a lighthouse when my social radar goes completely dark.

Erez Gross 
Chief Business Development Officer at G-Mana, M&A, Investment and Partnerships Advisor

Win 38% more deals in less time with AI

course correction
to increase your
win rate

Discover the power dynamics
sales patterns you need to refine

Discover the
power dynamics
sales patterns
you need to refine

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