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“Substrata applies behavioral psychology, sociolinguistic analysis and social signal processing to optimize sales process. It even has a “simulate” feature, where you can simulate the impact your next email will have on the overall conversation.”

Bryan CentenInternational Market Developer

“You nailed it. An amazing company.”

Hillel FuldGlobal Speaker, Tech Columnist, and Startup Marketing Advisor

“I use Substrata on one of my email outreach accounts. The insights it provides will give you a huge advantage when working on deals. We’ll soon be using it on all of our email accounts dedicated to outreach. The game-changing tool of 2022. And they’re just getting started.”

Ed ForteauCEO, EORO

“Substrata looks beyond the obvious, analyzing critical buying cues in real time. An absolute must-have for today’s competitive salesperson, dealmaker or entrepreneur.”

Oren KlaffGeneral Manager

“An incredible platform, my entire sales crew is using it.”

David Shoham SachsSenior GTM Advisor,

“Substrata is really interesting. I’ve done a few exchanges with a few people and analyzed it and I can say that over time, like a few weeks to a few months-this should really help you reframe how you approach you email correspondence. As with anything if you don’t measure it, you can’t really improve upon it. With Substrata you are measuring and analyzing it, and it allows you to better word your emails as well as see what the other side is saying better.”

Dave MarcoSales Manager

“I love being able to simulate my responses before shooting them over to the other side. I find the selling-zone concept extremely helpful as well. Spectacular product.”

David DovmanCo-founder & CEO, AddSource

“Substrata is an unbelievable product! Really recommend it.”

Omri HurwitzFounder & CEO

“Used the tool, great insight into an area that is so overlooked.”

Georgia MobleySales & CX Manager at Qwilr

“Great product, great team!”

Amir RubinsteinB2B SaaS Expert

“Love it. Love it. Love it.”

Matt CiciCEO, Filmmaker, Educator

“It is amazing at helping me and my team aim before we shoot. We immediately made Substrata an integral part of our sales tech stack.”

Max SteinbergCEO

“This is an incredible tool for outreach and for getting important prospects to pay attention. A necessary part of my sales tech stack anywhere.”

Tikva JosephSenior Account Executive

“It’s kind of like a lighthouse when my social radar goes a little dark, highly recommended.”

Erez GrossChief Business Development Officer, G-Mana

“A truly revolutionary tool for sellers, dealmakers and business leaders. Provides a clear path to success in sales.”

Gerhard GschswandtnerFounder & CEO

“The tool is unlike anything I’ve used before and it really comes in super handy when I’m unsure of how my messages will be perceived by my prospects.”

Ori CarmellyHead of Growth, Datanize (Zoominfo)
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