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AI-Powered Social Signal Intelligence

Substrata empowers dealmakers to sell smarter by analyzing the underlying “social dance” between buyers and sellers. Substrata’s social signal intelligence platform analyzes verbal and nonverbal communication related to complex deals, providing rare insights into office politics, hierarchies, biases, attitudes, emotions, sentiments, power dynamics, perceptions of social status, authority, scarcity, urgency and more.

Social Signal Intelligence (SSI) and Social Signal Processing (SSP) decode the subtle social cues that drive human relationships and decisions. These computing domains model, analyze and interpret the observable behaviors displayed during deal-related business interactions.

Empowering Hundreds of Revenue Teams Worldwide

Meet the crew

Ori Zuckerman
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Co-founder & CEO, Prev. Co-founded Unomy(Acq. By WeWork), Discovercloud, DiscoverSDK, Dadaviz (Acq by Vocativ), TierX Gamification, Reimage

Baruchi Har-Lev
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Co-founder & CTO, Previous VP R&D at Tomobox, NLU & Speech Processing at Semantic Interfaces, Corrigent Systems, Comverse, MentorWave

Eran Yessodi
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Co-founder & CPO, Prev. CPO at Softarama Systems, Tierx Gamification, Verticads, WikiBrains, DiscoverCloud, DiscoverSDK

Yossi Piekarski
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GTM Lead, 10+ Years Experience in Enterprise Sales. Previously worked for Panaya, WeWork, MyInterview & Unomy

Sergey Ganabin
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Backend Software Engineer, Python Whisperer, Deep expertise in DBs & Containerization, Data Engineer MIIT, 8+ years of experience

Dmitry Kozlovskiy
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Backend Software Engineer, Typescript Master, Proficient in Node.JS & React.JS, B.A in IT & Computer Systems, 10+ years of experience

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