By Eran YessodiSeptember 10th, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and influence, a select few have consistently stood out, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. These luminaries have not only achieved personal success but have also transformed the very fabric of the sales domain. Here’s an quick look at 35 top notch GTM mavens:

  1. Jeb Blount – Jeb’s “Fanatical Prospecting” is a testament to his deep understanding of the sales funnel. He’s also the founder of Sales Gravy, a platform dedicated to helping sales professionals elevate their careers.
  2. Keenan – Beyond his role as CEO of A Sales Guy Inc., Keenan is a thought leader, often challenging conventional sales wisdom with his disruptive insights and methodologies.
  3. Benjamin Dennehy – His title as the UK’s most controversial sales trainer stems from his brutally honest approach. Benjamin’s workshops are known to be transformative, often shaking the very foundations of one’s sales beliefs.
  4. Oren Klaff – Oren’s methodology in “Pitch Anything” is rooted in neuroscience. He delves into the brain’s decision-making processes, offering a fresh perspective on pitching and closing deals.
  5. Robert Cialdini – A professor of psychology, Cialdini’s exploration into the principles of persuasion has made “Influence” a seminal read for marketers and salespeople alike.
  6. Justin Michael – A visionary, Justin is pioneering the integration of AI and sales. His workshops offer a glimpse into the future, where technology and human intuition merge seamlessly.
  7. Jordan Belfort – Beyond the glamour and controversy, Jordan’s sales training programs, especially his Straight Line Persuasion system, have garnered acclaim for their effectiveness.
  8. Zig Ziglar – Zig’s teachings, encapsulated in books like “See You at the Top”, emphasize the importance of attitude, motivation, and self-image in sales.
  9. Grant Cardone – A multifaceted entrepreneur, Grant’s 10X rule is more than a principle; it’s a lifestyle. His real estate ventures further showcase his prowess in deal-making.


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10. Philipp Humm – Philipp emphasizes the art of storytelling in sales. His workshops teach professionals to craft compelling narratives that resonate deeply with clients.

11. Roger Fisher – A Harvard professor, Fisher’s “Getting to Yes” is a masterclass in negotiation, emphasizing mutual gains and collaborative approaches.

12. Jay Jeezy Jenkins – Jay’s approach is a blend of old-school charm and modern sales tactics. His webinars are a favorite among young professionals for their relatability and actionable insights.

13. Chris Voss – Drawing from his experiences as an FBI hostage negotiator, Chris’s “Never Split the Difference” offers a unique perspective on high-stakes negotiations.

14. Donald Miller – Donald’s “StoryBrand” framework emphasizes clarity in messaging, teaching businesses to communicate their value proposition effectively.

15. Mike Weinberg – Author of “Sales Simplified”, Mike is a staunch advocate of fundamentals, emphasizing the importance of prospecting, engaging, and closing.

16. Brian Tracy – A legend in personal development and sales, Brian’s seminars, like “The Psychology of Selling”, have empowered countless professionals.

17. Jeffery Gitomer – Jeffery’s approach is refreshingly candid. His “Little Red Book of Selling” offers bite-sized, actionable insights that resonate with salespeople at all levels.

18. Gary Keller – Co-founder of Keller Williams Realty, Gary’s insights extend beyond real estate, delving into time management and life balance.

19. Matthew Dixon – “The Challenger Sale”, co-authored by Matthew, introduced a new sales archetype, emphasizing teaching, tailoring, and taking control.

20. Phil M. Jones – Phil’s workshops revolve around the power of language. He teaches salespeople to navigate conversations with precision and intent.

21. Robert Greene – Greene’s exploration into power dynamics, as seen in “The 48 Laws of Power”, offers invaluable insights for salespeople navigating complex deals.

22. Malcolm Gladwell – Malcolm’s exploration into decision-making, especially in “Blink”, offers a fresh perspective on client psychology.

23. Lisa Earle McLeod – Lisa’s “Selling with Noble Purpose” emphasizes the importance of purpose-driven sales, advocating for meaningful client relationships.

24. Jerry Acuff – Jerry’s “Relationship Selling” is a testament to his belief in genuine connections, emphasizing trust and mutual respect.

25. Colleen Stanley – Colleen’s expertise in emotional intelligence sets her apart. Her workshops teach salespeople to harness their emotions for better client interactions.

26. Mark Hunter – Mark’s aggressive, proactive strategies, as showcased in his book “High-Profit Prospecting”, have made him a sought-after speaker and consultant.

27. Rajiv Sharma – Rajiv’s global clientele is a testament to his versatility. He specializes in crafting strategies that resonate across cultural and geographical boundaries.

28. Daniel Disney – Daniel’s mastery over platforms like LinkedIn has earned him the title of the “King of Social Selling”.

29. Matt Pollard – Matthew’s “Introvert’s Edge” offers a fresh perspective, proving that introversion can be a strength in sales.

30. Keith Rosen – Keith’s coaching-centric approach emphasizes continuous learning, personal growth, and adaptability.

31. Ian Altman – Ian’s “Same Side Selling” approach emphasizes collaboration over confrontation, fostering trust and mutual respect.

32. Jim Cathcart – Jim’s “Relationship Selling” emphasizes the importance of understanding client needs, desires, and motivations.

33. Chris Croft – Chris’s teachings, especially his “Time Management Mastery” course, emphasize efficiency and effectiveness in sales.

34. Kevin Dorsey – Kevin’s leadership workshops focus on team dynamics, culture building, and driving collective success.

35. Desmond Byram – Desmond’s consultative selling approach is about deep understanding, empathy, and crafting solutions tailored to individual client needs.

These GTM luminaries are not just successful in their right; they are educators, innovators, and thought leaders. Their teachings, methodologies, and stories offer a wealth of knowledge, providing both seasoned professionals and newcomers with invaluable insights and strategies to navigate the complex world of sales and influence.