By Eran YessodiJuly 17th, 2023

All right, let’s cut through the youknowwhat. When you’re in the power seat of a deal-making process, your questions aren’t just questions. They’re strategic missiles, homing in on the real issues, the unspoken needs, the core motivations that make the difference between a successful close and a flop.

Picture it this way: We’re in the wild jungle, and you’re holding a Pompeian Gladius sword. Your questions are the key to clearing a path through the thickets of confusion and misinterpretation, leading you straight to the heart of the beast—your client’s real needs, wants, pains and problems.

You’re not just a hunter, you’re a translator too. Your client’s got a language (semantics) of their own, and it’s your job to decipher it. Good questions? They’re your Rosetta stone. They let you translate vague murmurs into crystal-clear action plans that snap into your client’s world like a missing puzzle piece.

Good questions are your "Rosetta stone"..

If you want trust, if you want rapport, if you want to forge bonds stronger than Superman’s jawline, then you need to make your clients feel understood. And how do you do that? By asking smart, insightful questions that show you’re in their corner.

You’re not just there to close a deal; you’re there to solve their problems.

Think of dealmaking as an adventure through a labyrinth. Without a map or a compass, you’re doomed to hit dead-ends or worse, the Minotaur. But with clever questions, you can navigate the maze, understand the priorities, and uncover potential pitfalls. You become Theseus, the hero who defeated the beast and found his way out of the maze.

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. First off, channel your inner five-year-old. Ask why. Why does this matter to the client? Why is this a problem? Keep digging until you hit the gold—the real, core issues.

Then, make your questions as open as a prairie. Don’t ask yes or no questions. You need to invite them to spill their guts, to share their concerns, hopes, and.. fears.

And for God’s sake, listen. Really listen. Not just to their words, but to the real meaning behind them. What are they not saying? What’s between the lines? Active listening is your secret weapon.

What are they not saying? What's between the lines?


Remember, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a solution to their problem. So don’t just stick to the nitty-gritty details of your deal. Look at the bigger picture, the industry trends, the looming threats, the opportunities on the horizon.

As for the final words of wisdom, make sure you’re prepared. Have your questions ready to fire, balance the personal with the professional, and don’t be afraid of a little silence. Sometimes, the magic happens in the quiet moments.

In the end, your questions are your secret weapon. They’re the key to building trust, to understanding needs, to crafting the perfect strategy. So put on your Indiana Jones hat, pick up your whip, and start asking the right questions. Your deal depends on it.