By Substrata TeamSeptember 05th, 2021

The desire to project a competent image is perhaps as basic as the need for food and shelter

Let’s talk about adornment. Since the dawn of civilization, people have been adorning themselves in a multitude of ways to promote a more competent image of themselves (in the eyes of their peers).

This behavior is so basic and inherent that even people who typically shy away from cosmetics and accessories are likely to find themselves engaging in primping behaviors (tie straightening, swift hair brushing, etc) right before an important meeting or a high stake situation with social implications.

Compared to physical features (facial structure, body type, height, symmetry) adornment cues are more dynamic and easily changeable. Still, their impact on how we perceive each other is enormous.

At SubStrata we’re building the infrastructure that allows the deep automatic analysis of human aesthetics with regards to peer-perception, impression management and role recognition in human to human interactions.