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Realtime Interaction Intelligence for Dealmakers & Negotiators

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Sell smarter with substrata

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AI-driven Superpowers to Conquer Every Opportunity

Close with Confidence

Understand the power dynamics at play behind the scenes, avoid untimely follow-ups and lock down more deals than ever before.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Recognize subtle buying cues in real-time, seize the right moments and win deals in less time.

Reduce Turnover

Avoid the mounting costs of firing, hiring and onboarding new B2B sales professionals.

Clarity & Control

Know where things really stand. Get clarity and control over your sales pipeline.


AI-driven Superpowers to Conquer Every Opportunity

Close with confidence

Your GPS for Sales Success

The Selling Zone feature helps dealmakers navigate their way to closed-won status by reflecting how their prospects perceive them at any given moment along the sales process, focusing on perceptions of competence, authority, and domain expertise.

Analyze your Communication Patterns

The Personal Q dashboard helps you understand your sales-related communication patterns and tendencies and how to adjust them to avoid pitfalls and optimize results.

A clear path to closing every deal

In sales, every little mistake can cost a fortune. Simulate your next move to see whether you convey the right signals to push the deal forward. Reiterate until you get it right.