Analyze & respond to implicit social cues in real-time to shorten sales-cycles and close more deals

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Real-time Interaction Analysis Technology for Dealmakers & Negotiators

Interactions. Hierarchies. In-group & Cross-group Dynamics. Introducing SubStrata's Innovative Social Signal Processing Technology

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The World's First Socially Aware B2B Sales Enablement Platform

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SubStrata’s PIE technology and Q software help bridge the gap between virtual and face-to-face communication. By helping salespeople identify and interpret nonverbal signals, they enable greater understanding and foster trust between negotiators — making it easier to meet clients’ needs and close deals.

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SubStrata utilizes deep pragmatic analysis technology to generate insights that help decision makers, dealmakers and HR leaders improve multiple areas of their work.

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SubStrata’s AI engine can identify hidden patterns, cues, and subtext from live conversations to facilitate the closing of a sales deal

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Their pragmatic analysis engine can identify and extract hidden patterns, cues, and subtext from live conversations and generate critical insights that help dealmakers close deals.

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